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The Billionaire Wins the Game (Billionaire Bachelors #1)
Author: Melody Anne

Melody Anne - Billionaire Bachelors #1 - The Billionaire Wins the Game

The Billionaire Wins the Game (Billionaire Bachelors #1)
Melody Anne




“It’s just not right Katherine!” Joseph slammed his fist down on the table, making the dinnerware shake.

“Those kids simply don’t listen to us, not one of them. Can’t they see we aren’t getting any younger? I should’ve had grandbabies bouncing on my knees years ago.” Katherine smiled to herself as she listened to her husband complain about his disobedient children.

She knew what he said was nothing but empty words. He adored their kids as much as she did.

She had to agree with him though that women holding babies would be an excellent addition to the house. She’d always dreamed of rocking grandkids and chasing down toddlers.

“Now Joseph, you know if you go meddling again the boys are going to disown you,” Katherine warned her husband.

“If they don’t do something about this grandbaby situation I’m going to disown them,” he growled, though with zero conviction in his voice.

“Since you retired last year you’ve had way too much time on your hands Joseph Anderson. The boys have all been tossed a lot of responsibility already. Are you sure you want to add more to their plates?” she finished, knowing the answer already.

“The boys are ready for love and marriage. They just need a helping push.” The decision had been made. He would have at least one grandchild in his empty house before Christmas.

Katherine suppressed her sigh, knowing there was nothing she could say that would change her willful husband’s mind. Where did he think their sons’ acquired that particular trait? Even with their flaws she couldn’t possibly love any of them, including her husband, more than she already did.

“Lucas will be first,” Joseph said in his booming voice startling Katherine out of her reverie.

“I’ve already found him the perfect bride.”

Joseph leaned back in his chair with a very pleased expression on his face. Finally he had a project to keep himself occupied, with the prize of grandkids as a reward. Lucas was in for some wild adventures come Monday morning.

Chapter One

“You can do this. Walk in there with complete confidence. Who cares if this family is worth more than Bill Gates and Donald Trump combined. You were hired for this position and you need this job. ” Amy Harper continued to lecture herself on the elevator ride up to the twenty-fifth floor.

She brushed the few strands of escaped golden hair from her face, more out of nervousness than necessity. She considered herself to be of average looks and actually tried to downplay the assets she’d been given. She wanted to be respected, not lusted after like her mother. She had long hair that she couldn’t find the will to cut off, although when out she always placed it in an unflattering bun.

She always hid her curves from the world. She’d been well endowed, in what an ex-boyfriend had called all the right places. Her green eyes gave away every emotion that she was feeling and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t manage to eliminate, what she considered, a fatal flaw.

She still couldn’t believe she’d been hired as executive secretary for Lucas Anderson. Anyone who’d lived within a thousand mile radius of Seattle Washington knew who the Andersons were.

Their company had many different divisions, which required a very large staff. They dealt in everything from construction and farming, to high end corporate takeovers. Although their headquarters were in the US, they did business all around the world and she was excited to be a part of it all.

As she made the long ride up in the elevator her mind flashed back to the previous week when she’d interviewed for the job.

Her interview with the head of the family had terrified her, but she’d found he was a really decent guy. He was kind and if she’d met him at a café instead of his million dollar mansion she wouldn’t have even known he was worth more than royalty.

She’d gone to his place expecting a very formal interview with a rigid man. She’d been pleasantly surprised by the reality. He’d welcomed her into his home and seemed to care more about her as a person than what was on her resume. That was a good thing considering she’d recently graduated college and the only other jobs she’d held had been anything but corporate.

She’d originally met Joseph at a college fair towards the end of her senior year and he’d given her his card and told her to call after graduation. She’d done so and he got her in for an interview faster than she’d ever imagined possible. She assumed it was because she’d graduated in the top five percent of her class.

Amy snapped back to the present as the elevator chimed her arrival. “Do not blow this job Amy.

If it all works out you could have that child you want so badly by Christmas time next year.” With her final words of encouragement to herself she took a deep breath and waited for the doors to open.

When she stepped onto the twenty-fifth floor she was momentarily paralyzed with fear. It was the most beautiful office she’d ever seen. The doors opened up to a massive lobby area with a round cherry wood desk. Behind the desk was a stunning blonde who looked more efficient than Amy ever hoped to be. She felt increasingly frumpy and inadequate as she stepped forward.

Behind the desk was a hallway to the right, where she assumed the offices were.

“Can I help you?” the woman asked Amy.

Amy snapped out of her temporary paralysis and walked forward. “Yes, I’m Amy Harper. I’m the new executive secretary for Mr. Anderson. I start today,” she finished with as much confidence as she could rally.

The woman looked at her blankly for a moment before finally reaching for her phone. “Mr.

Anderson, I have Amy Harper here who says she’s your new executive secretary.” She paused for a few moments, “okay…yes sir.”

She hung up the phone and turned back towards Amy, “Mr. Anderson says he already has an executive secretary and has hired no one new. He also said if you’re a reporter, trying for another story on his family, all his answers are no comment.” The woman looked dismissively at Amy and then said “have a nice day Ms. Harper.”

She didn’t give Amy another glance. She just turned towards her computer and acted like Amy wasn’t in the room. As far as she was concerned Amy was dismissed.

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